Dwarf Jokes

I don't always like to tell dwarf jokes. But when i do, i like to keep them short

So I was going out the door and I see me dwarf neighbour at the bus stop, I ask if he needs a lift. He replies with fu.. off. So I zip up my backpack and keep going to work

I got in a car crash with a dwarf one day. He came storming out, and glared at me. I lowered my window and called out "So, I'm guessing you're not happy?".

When is it acceptable to hit a dwarf? When he dances with your wife and says her hair smells nice....


I ran into a dwarf and he said: Well, I’m not happy Then which one are you?


Did you hear about the fortune telling dwarf that escaped from prison?

Reports say there's a small medium at large!


I got introduced to a dwarf at a nudist Colony the other day.

When we shook, the pleasure was all mine.

This Dwarf was being mean to me so I said “when you get home I hope Snow White kicks the shit out of you.”

I saw a dwarf scaling down a prison wall. I thought to myself,... That's a little condescending 😊