Teeth Jokes

If you watch jaws backwards it's a heartworming story about a shark that gives arms and legs to disabled people


your teeth are so spread out my mom can drive her car through the gap in your teeth

The Wife said "Honey! Do you like my new Teeth?"

The Husband replied "They remind me of stars Darling!" "Yellow and Far apart"

[god creating alligators] God: see that log? Angel:yes...? God: now fill it with teeth. Angel: say again? God: FILL IT WITH TEETH

Comebacks when someone say Bully: Your teeth is so yellow that when you start smiling you slow down the traffic. Say: At least its brighter than your future

Credit x/@jesopa

A lady walks in to a dentists office, sits on the counter and spreads her legs. The dentist says i think you have the wrong idea with that the lady replies; last week you gave my husband his false teeth now you can get them out

i went to see my dentist and she warned me it was going to hurt. then she told me she was having an affair with my husband. good news though...the cleaning didnt hurt.

Dont you just hate it when your grandmas always complaining about things getting stuck between her false teeth, like my foreskin