What the difference between a feminist and Hitler?

Both were good at starting wars, only difference was Hitler knew when to kill himself afterwards.

why did England beat Germany in world war two scissors beats paper

World war 2 going on and then stops Me: I guess you vould say it was a gory-ious battle.

Star Wars jokes: Qui gon Chinn, mace chindo, chinbakka, darth chinious, anachin skywalker

New civil war themed porn title: “Harriet Tubman gets hit with something other than an iron ingot”

Steel led to world war 2

What is the difference between a Taliban outpost and a Pakistani primary school?

I don’t know… I just fly the drone

How did Hitler tie is tiny little shoesies?

With tiny little Nazis.

so this gu named andrew furda was my boy friend for like a half a week so five days then bam i cut my hair he only liked me for my looks and i hoped he regrets it because it is WAR so if u see dis u going down andrew!

What’s a cow’s favourite war?

World War Moo

How does an American know that his time has come? He starts hearing Vietnamese.

War isn’t about who’s right. It’s about who’s left.

I met this kid and he was being bullied by 9 people. I Asked 1 whats going on. They all said another one to bully they all tried hitting me and then my mates which was like 15 of them came in and it was like war all over again.

Free blacks in the Civil War is the same as me drawing a reverse card in Uno.

What do you call a passport for Mandalorians? A Pre Visa!

What do you call a bar run by gungans?
Jar Jar Drinks

Why did half of the world not see Avengers: Endgame?

Cause half of them were Thanos snapped in Avengers: Infinity War.

knock knock who’s there fourth of april fourth of april who may the fourth be with you

knock knock whos there gun gun who

So some ants in a colony go to war. they want some more troops and know that there are ants that went to wars as well. They call them war-ants. they start barging into home’s to search for more war-ants. They barge into a home and the lady-ant goes “Hey. why are you here? Can you please leave?” One of the ants reply with “I’m sorry, but unless you have a war-ant, we have to keep searching your house”