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Say what you want about Hitler, he wasn’t all that bad. After all, he killed Hitler.

Why did Hitler commit suicide? He saw the gas bill.

Did you know my grandpa was part of World War 2? He killed Hitler.

Hitler walks into a bar in hell, the bar tender asks “why are you here? Hitler calmly reply’s.” I killed 8 million Jews and 3 clowns.” The bar tender says “why 3 clowns?” Hitler laughs before answering “see knowone cares about the Jews! Why am I here!”

Hitler wanted a glass of juice, not gas the Jews

why does Hitler deserve heavens, because he killed Hitler.

What did Hitler say after his parents bought a hauler

How much did the haulla-cost

when the teacher calls on you and asks you how many people did Hitler kill.

“One, he killed himself”

what had more brains than Hitler? The wall behind him

A man tried to shoot Adolf Hitler but missed. Then Adolf replied, “Oh shoot, I did nazi that coming!”

What do you call it when hitler puts retards in the oven? Baked potatoes

What’s the difference between Hitler and a feminist?

At least Hitler actually did something

If you’re forced to have it as a child, you won’t like it as an adult.

I guess hitler was forced to have vegetables when he was younger.


What is Hitler’s least favorite month?


You know when women clean their nails with chemicals no one cares but when hitler tries to clean poland with chemicals everyone goes crazy

Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump and Angela Merkel are standing at the shore and are trying to impress each other with the accomplishments of their countries. Putin brags „We have nuclear submarines which can stay under water for six weeks without having to resurface!“. Trump goes on „Six weeks? That’s nothing. I have the best submarines, they‘re underwater für at least three months!“. Merkel is about to respond, when a giant steel colossus emerges from the sea. A hatch opens, a black uniform appears - „Heil Hitler! We need Diesel.“

What car does Hitler drive?

A fuhrerri.

When I woman removes polish with chemicals, no one bats and eye, but when hitler removes the Polish with chemicals, suddenly people loose their shit?

I’d love it if you killed yourself, but Hitler killed himself and people still hate him…