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The Pentagon is changing the nuclear codes to over 140 characters, …

so Trump can’t tweet it.

3 disabled kids are playing D&D and making character sheets. The autistic kid makes all his stats prime numbers while playing a Bard. The Asperger’s kid makes a minmaxed wizard with low charisma. The Downie puts drool on his character sheet.

Q: What’s a German’s favorite Undertale character?

A: Gaster

This is a joke about Ms. Ploopatoink, a made-up character who is a pink fluffy pony who loves toilet paper.

Why is Ms. Ploopatoink like a toilet plunger? They both jump in the toilet!

New horror movie idea.

The main character loves anime. The killer yells “Omae wa mou shindeiru.” The main character instinctively yells back “NANI???” and is killed.

Q:What is the best Disney character

A:toe mator

back in ancient Greece, there was a Greek skyrim, but instead of FUS ROH DAH, the main character said “Me damnit, Ganymede, get the #10 lightning bolt, I hate it when Helios lets his kids drive”

If you don’t get this, look up the story of Phaethon, and if you STILL don’t get it, then you are dumb