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What wasStephen Hawkings fav shampoo head n bolts


Head of Company: We need to stop testing our products on animals. Consultant: Why? The shampoo companies do it. Head of Company: Yeah, but we make dildos.

Austin Terry

How did they figure out what kind of shampoo Paul walker used? They found his “head and shoulders” in the the dash.

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You know you’re going bald when you use more toothpaste than shampoo.

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Me - why u need to use shampoo when ur already bald🤣

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What did the bottle of conditioner do on the toilet?


Jayvin Zebari
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  1. If being ugly was a crime you would have a life sentence

  2. My phone battery lasts longer than your friendships

  3. There is a tree out there giving you oxegyn, and you owe that tree an apology.

  4. I don’t hate you, but I gotta unplug your life support to charge my phone.

  5. When I saw your dad on the side walk I didn’t laugh but the sidewalk cracked up.

  6. If I had powers I would make you the dumbest person alive but it seems life already beat me to the punch.

  7. If karma ever comes to punch ya in the face, I wanna be there to help it

  8. If I had a dollar for every time you said something smart I’d be broke.

  9. You are more disappointing than a cake without frosting

  10. Were you born on a highway cuz that’s where most accidents happen

  11. Wow, that hurts, now I know how it felt when your mom said that to ya

  12. Your the reason this country has to put directions on shampoo, and you may as well be the reason why the middle finger was invented

Joshua walton

What is Stephen hawkings favourite shampoo- head and shoulders


Why is Johnson’s baby shampoo the best Lubricant for anal sex?

-No more tears.


Why is baby shampoo the best anal lube?

No more tears.

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so i got my sister shampoo for her birthday and she stood there and threw her wig on the floor

Prankster of the sister!
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Here is funny little prank I did on my sister. So she was in her room when she reached to get her shampoo cause you know girls and hair, when she went to sqeez it out it came oil, tooth past, chicken breast, barf, and oniouns! SHE PUT IT IN HER HAIR!!! GROSS BUT FUNNY when she got to school she heard kids laughing at her cause the prankster did it agian! Later!

Jerry McKellen

What was Stephen hawkings shampoo
Head and shoulders


Whats steven hawkins favourite shampoo? Head and shoulders


What’s steaven hawking favourite shampoo head and bolts

Emily McCabe

What’s steven Hawking shampoo?

-Head and shoulders 😊


one day, a chicken went to the nail store. He asked the “owner” where the shampoo was. “BRO IM NOT THE FRIKKIN MANAGER” the guy said. So the duck walked away. The next day he went back to the store and asked a pregnant lady why she was so fat. The lady punched him and ran away. The duck cried. Then he went to the lady’s husband and said that he must be tired of being married since she punches people every day. The man punched him. The duck assumed they were the punching couple. The duck walked, and then fell in a ditch and stayed there to die. The pregnant lady and her husband were very pleased >:) muhahahahahahaha

Dazai Osamu 🙇

I swallowed shampoo it goes blblblblb 🧼

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Ur so skinny that ur mom had to use a whole shampoo bottle on ur head but she still couldn’t find you


1 Q) What shampoo and conditioner did Stephen use? A) Head and Sholders 2 Q) what’s Stephens favourite food? A) Sholders For real tho RIP Stephen Hawking 💕


What’s Stephen Hawkins favourite shampoo and conditioner? Head and shoulders


My friend’s 4 year old daughter made up this joke.

What kind of poo should you put in your hair?


Ball tickler

What shampoo does stephen hawkings use? Head & Shoulders


my stepdad has stage 4 cancer and is going through chemo therapy… atleast he saves money on shampoo and conditioner.