its not surprising there inst a whole lot of good tree jokes. most foresters have a wooden personality

What did one tree say to another in a crisis? Don’t leaf me when things get bad.


The Vietcong when America lands on their beeches:

tReE pOwErS aCtIvAtE

What’s white and crunchy and swings through trees? A meringue-atang

Why did the silly boy 👦 take the Christmas tree 🎄 to a barber?

Because his mother said it needed to be trimmed.

What kinds of apples grow on trees? -All of them.

People are like trees… They fall down when you hit them multiple times with an axe

People are like trees…

If you hit them with an ax multiple times, they’ll fall over

How did the tree get sick

It got tinsel-itis

Where were the first orange trees 🍊🌳 planted?

In Orange County.

3 blonde girls are on an isalnd and they are much to far away from land to swim, they find a genie on the island who offers them each 1 wish the first girl says “I wish I was smart enough to get off this island” so the genie makes her a redheaded girl, she cuts down a tree, makes it into a boat, and proceeds to row off the island. The next girl says “I wish I was even smarter then her so I don’t have to do so much manual labor” so she turns into a brunet and makes a sail boat and lets the wind take her off the island. The finale girl says “I wish I was smarter then both of them!” So she turns into a man and takes the bridge.

What’s worse than 5 babies tied to 5 trees.

1 baby tied to 5 trees,

A depressed kid was stuck on a tree, and a man saw the kid

Man: Hang in there! Im gonna get some help!

Two minutes later, the kid literally did what the guy said

RIP Daniel Kyre from Cyndago (July 6, 1994-September 18, 2015)

Daniel commited suicide five years ago today…

Why did the orange fall off the tree? Cause he went out on a limb

What did a tree 🌳 I do for a human rights rights day at a tree 🌳 I had no time today after a night night with you today but you walk away

why did the monkey fall out of the tree he was dead why did the second monkey fall out of the tree he was also dead why did the third monkey fall out of the tree monkey see monkey do why did the fourth monkey fall out of the tree he was stapled to the first one

My depressed body would look great hanging from a tree…

“Grandma, tell me a story!” I said as we huddled near the campfire “Alright,” She said “Once, there was a tree named Timmy, he was my best tree friend. I used to read books under him and climb all his branches.” “Where is Timmy now?” I asked Grandma pointed to the campfire.

Whats worse than 10 babies nailed to one tree?

One baby nailed to 10 trees

Q:Why did the first Koala Fall off the tree A: Because it was dead Q: Why did the second Koala fall out of the tree? A: Because it was dead too. Q:Why did the third Koala fall off the tree A: Because it was hit by the other two Koalas on the way down Q:Why did the fourth Koala fall off the tree A: Because it thought it was a game and joined in Q: Why did the fifth Koala fall off the tree A: Because it was curious to see where the others were going Q: Why did the sixth Koala fall off the tree A: It was tied to the fifth koala Q: Why did the seventh Koala fall off the tree A: Peer group pressure