What is it called when young sheep bet?


(havent uploaded yesterday cuz couldnt think of a joke)

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What do dicks and popsicles have in common?

They both like to be sucked on and they sometimes choke you.

What do cheap people use to talk?

Free speech.

china unban google rn noOoOooOw

Friend: Want to play fall guys?

Friend 2: Yup

Friend: Ok so let me ju- wait where are you going?

Friend 2: I'm gonna jump off

Friend: Why?

Friend 2: We are playing Fall Guys, right?

Guy: My life is like a game, I should end it.

Guy 2: Is it a hard life?

Guy: Yup

Guy 2: Then you can't kill yourself LOL

Guy 3: Hold on, I know a cheat code to finish the "game"

Once again, RIP Daniel Kyre, he actually died this day five years ago.

He attempted suicide Sep 16, and was in life support, till his parents made the tough decision of taking him off.

We will miss ya bud..... (cyndagoooooooo)

What do you call a stabbed pig?


What is a pig's favorite Food Network channel?


hah got em (i guess)

When a bomb goes off, they call it an explosion

When Keemstar exposes someone, they call it an exposion.

What happened when the fire used Tinder?

He luckily got a lot of matches.

What do Karens do when they have free time?

They do KARENoke and sing Karen Song.

September 2020: Three makeup tutorialists, James Charles, Jeffree Star and Tati Westbrook has gone through smoke after the controversy surrounding the three of them. Honestly, Tati and Jeffree are trash, I just don't find their content interesting, and I don't watch James Charles, but I also dislike his content.

Ok heres ur funi jokeee

Who is the best makeup artist?

Just because Jeffree has Star at the end doesn't mean he is best

I have an account at the website Memedroid.

My name is J0K35FromWJE

Feel free to follow me, and I WILL upload to Memedroid ( I might not upload daily)

I will still make jokes here jlyk (just letting you know)

Ok heres ur joke now.....

What did one pizza say to the other when they were in bed?

Can I have a PIZZA that ass?