Emo kid

Emo Kid Jokes

when you forget the pinata at the birthday party. kids: Aww man. but the emo kid just hung himself. kids:Yaaaaayyy. Parents: Adjust, improvise, overcome, that is the way

Why did the emo kid not cross the road.

He was waiting for a car

Btw ik this joke is bad đź‘Ž

What do you call a group of Emo kids?

Suicide Squad.

What jumps and never let's go?

An Emo kid.

I bet all Emos want to be like their biggest influencers some day.


Why do Emos want to be the "Scene" these days?

The only thing I've "Scene" from them is their suicide rate climbing, it's starting to climb quicker than they did to get to the top of whatever they jumped off.

I was telling the emo kid emo jokes and I couldn’t read them because I was laughing too hard I almost cut the emo kid. He wasn’t laughing at the jokes.

An apple and an emo kid fall off a tree at the same time. Who hits the ground first?

The apple because the emo kid got caught by the rope


a leaf and a emo kid fall from a tree, who made it to the floor first? the leaf. the emo kid was caught on a rope.

The school shooter encounters the emo kid. He reaches for his gun but the emo kid dissapears. He then finds that his gun is not on him.