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A man had moved to a new contry with his dog and with basic understanding of the language. One day he heard people talking about a place for dogs, so he took his dog there telling he wanted his dog to be groomed. The man behind the counter responded with “yes happy dog, come back in little hours” so the man left and came back a couple hours later when he asked about his dog he was given a box of jerky he found out “happy dog” was the name of the place where dogs become food.

Did you know that ASL is a dead language? Yeah, nobody speaks it.

Why did the first fence hated the other fence? The second fence used some of-fensive language.

What language do people at the center of the Earth speak?

Core-an (Korean)

“Don’t sneeze”

Every time I was in the bathroom with my friends I would always tell them “Don’t sneeze” and when I did they just laughed so hard. And when we sneezed we laughed even harder.


“It dangles and swung” Language art quizzes are the best

what do u call a mosquito in your language we dont call them the they just come and bight