So I hooked up with a girl at a party, but I forgot that it was a family reunion. (SWEET HOME ALABAMA STARTS PLAYING

What do you say after committing incest?

No Chromo!

The sexual shout “Yes Daddy” probably originated in alabama is spelt with an “I” in Alabama.

Best friend: dude your sister is hot i’d Hit that


Name Something you practiced kissing on as a kid.


What do you call a virgin from Alabama?

An orphan

Sometimes i wish my gf was here that way we could have some fun in my bed, the I realize she’s right across the hall. (SWEET HOME ALABAMA)!!

When you ask your sister if she wanna smash, but then she grabs the switch.

I was in Alabama last year. I walked into a store and noticed a couple kissing eachother and I said excuse where is the bathroom and the man said right over there. I went into the bathroom and then heard the girl say “Dad I have to go to school soon”

How do you circumcise someone from Alabama? Kick his sisters jaw

Most states:

“It’s ok, it won’t be awkward. We’re still friends.”


“She didn’t wanna be my girlfriend anymore. But she said she’ll still be my sister.”

Two girls have a sleepover.

Karen: Let’s go to bed. Lauren:Fine, but it’s early. *Karen wakes up and exits room" Lauren hears noise Mikey: Your so much better than my girlfriend Karen. Lauren: laughs Lauren: remembers her boyfriend is Karen’s brother Mikey

Did you hear that the governor’s mansion in Alabama burned down? Almost took out the whole trailer park.

Visiting Alabama Pop Up dating ads be like: Never be lonely at

sam Gonzales

you’ll never be lonely at

Necrophilia in Alabama is fun for the whole family even grandma.

What do you call your brother in Alabama? Daddy

When from Alabama? You know!!! 🐩