Why are the twin towers mad?

They ordered pepperoni pizza but all they got was plain.

If I was an object in this world I’d be a glass! Because if you leave me when I’m too close to the edge I will likely shatter and break.

If I was a pizza topping I would be pineapple! Because everybody doubts me.

I’m a star! Because one of these days I’m going to crash and burn…

If I could choose what creature I come back as after I die I’d be a panda, because people would give a shit if I went extinct.

I’m like the sun; I’m painful to look at.

If I was a food I would be chopped liver because nobody likes me.

I’m like an eggshell… broken and empty.

If I was a mythical creature I’d be a unicorn! Because nobody believes in me.

I’m like a flashlight with old batteries inside because my inner light died a long time ago.

My soul is a raisin because it’s dried up shriveled, and not everyone likes it.

I’m like the moon because you only get to see one side of me.

I’m like the moon because as the month progresses my life becomes covered more and more by darkness.

I’m like an Ex streamly powerful fan! Because I push everyone away.

I’m like a disposable camera! People use me once and then just throw me away.

I’m like a shity book cover… because people think they have the right to judge and label me before they read my pages.

My brain and body is essentially a really old married couple that can’t afford to go through with the divorce and now they are stuck in a toxic relationship they are desperate to escape but the more they try the more they sink into the quicksand that is my depression and anxiety

Help me…

Why were the Twin Towers mad? They ordered pepperoni pizza, and all they got was plane.

what’s the difference between a pizza delivery guy and a cop.

pizza guys get punished for not doing their jobs properly

Why do pizzas not tell jokes- Theyre to cheseey

What type of pizza did the 9/11 victims order? 2 planes

A receptionist at the twin towers order two pepperoni pizza’s, she was upset when she got two planes.

I mean I’d tell you a joke about the pizza I ate, but it’s just too cheesy.

Why did sallys pizza get cold, because she has no arms.

Wanna here a joke about pizza

Nevermind it’s too cheezy😅

You want to hear a joke about pizza? Sorry! Can’t tell ya, it’s too cheesy!

Can you drive a pizza? Of course as long as you change the olive oil.

yo mama so stupid, when she was in court and the judge said order order she said pizza

I had a joke about pizza, it’s just to cheesy.

What’s the difference between a dead baby and a slice of pizza? A dead baby can’t feed a family.

Do you want to hear a joke about pizza?- Wait, no. Its too CHEESY

What’s the difference between a pizza & a person?

A pizza doesn’t scream when I try to shove it into an oven…

What’s the difference between putting a baby and a pizza in an oven? The pizza doesn’t scream in the oven

You want a pizza f me!!!

A Nacho has a problem going on, and the Taco says to the Nacho, "Wanna taco 'bout it?" and the Nacho say to the Taco, “It’s nacho problem!”

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