Why can’t pooh bear catch a date. Because he is always talking about his honey.

What do you call a bear with no teeth?

A gummy bear.

So a bear and a rabbit are in field, the bear turns to the rabbit and asks, “does your poop stick to your fur?” And the rabbit replied, “no” and the bear then picks up the rabbit and wipes his butt.

A polar bear walks into a bar, asks the barman ‘a pint of lager… and a packet of crisps’ The barman ‘ why the large pause’

Your mama is so fat when she went camping the Bears hid their food from her

why don’t we wrestle bears?

the pain is un-bearable

Daddy bear said, “Somebody’s been sleeping in my bed”. Mummy bear said, “It was probably your whore Linda”.

What do you call a bear with no ears? A b. Yeah, that joke was unbearable.

How do you catch a polar bear? Cut a hole in the ice, put peas around it, when the polar bear goes to take a pea you kick him in the ice hole

If you spin a fidget spinner You’ll end up spinning it too fast when you end up spinning it too fast It will make you fly away when you fly away you’ll end up in a tree when you end up in a tree You’ll see that your friends are hanging out without you When you see that your friends are hanging out without you You’ll run away in the woods because your sad When you ran away in the woods you’ll see a bear when you see a bear it will chase you when the bear chases you you’ll build a fort to protect yourself when you build a fort to protect yourself You than notice your lonely You’ll become friends with the bear When you become friends with a bear, you’ll start to act like a bear when you start to act like a bear You will become a bear DO NOT BECOME A BEAR NEVER PLAY WITH A FIDGET SPINNER

It’s not rape if she’s a dead bear and I lost my job at the circus

A bear is like your best mate harry If you stab them They die from a stab wound

What has no legs 🦵 and a human body? A human with no legs 🦵

Chuck Norris gets paid 2m dollars a month training Bear Grylls how to survive in the “harshest conditions on earth”

why didnt the bear leave home-------- He could not bear leaving his family

A fly is 6 inches above water and a fish sees it and it leaps out and gets the fly then a bear garbs the fish and eats it, then a hunter shot the bear and a mouse saw some crackers and then leaped on the cracker and ate it then a cat runs down to get the mouse trips and falls into the water and that’s the story of how six inches can get a pussy wet.

A bear walks into bar and ask the barkeep “Can i have a grilled…cheese” and the barkeep asks the bear “Whats with the big pause” the bears says “Well I’m a bear”

What do you call two bears jerking each other off?


what do u call a bear with no teeth -a gummyy bear

What is the name of the bear capitol?

Koala Lumpur