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Me and my friend were duck hunting. He shot 5 ducks in one shot. Then he shot by accident and yelled “DUCK!” then “MOTHERDUCKER!”. Then ducks came down and one by one bit him.

A blind teenager who is bad at reading wants to go hunting so he finds a hunting ground called s-ch-ool

One day, someone goes out into the forest to go hunting, and finds out there are a few others in the forest. He comes back the next day to learn he is the only person there. Where are the others?

They’re in his freezer.

two men are hunting. one asks: did you ever hunt bear? the other one answers: no, but one time i went fishing in my shorts

Me and my friend were hunting ducks. He had a 12 gague shotgun, and he looked over and I had a .50 caliber machine gun, he said “your crazy!”, I responded “quackers”

Why is there no open hunting season on hippies ???

Have you ever tried to clean one ?

I used have a friend who worked at a car shop who liked hunting. I’m not friends with him anymore because he turned my dog into a car-pet.

Why would be hunting a bald eagle in America be a bad idea? Because it’s ill-eagle

When you’re hunting at a forest resort and you shoot a deer but then you remember that there are no deer at the forest resort.