Predator Jokes


If an illegal immigrant fights against a child molester, would that be “Alien vs Predator”?


What do you call a a fight between an illegal immigrant and a pedophile? Alien vs Predator.

in Michael Jackson

what does Michael Jackson and a lion have in common?

they’re both predators


What do you get when you cross a pediphile and an elementary school? Predator 3


what is it called when 21savage and 6ix9ine fight: alien vs predator

Allan C.
in Movie

Thanks to an unfortunate typo, it’s the most one-sided action movie ever.

Alen vs. Predator


Alien vs Predator

Cosby vs E.T.


What is it called when Bill Cosby and a illegal immigrant fight? Aliens vs. Predator

Jeffrey Epstein thrust
in America

What do you getting you cross bill cosby and Jeffrey Epstein? Predator 2

in Priest

what dose a priest and time have in common? there both predators

Anus McDickNuggets
in Alien

If they made a movie about your sex life, what would the title be?

Mine would be Alien Vs. Predator
in Orphan

what does and orphans parents and the predator have in common

they are both invisable


So… here’s da scoop, alright… licks KFC off lips so, I was caught, having sex wit three 6 year olds (girls btw, just in case you guys get mad) and da judge told me I was getting da death penalty, you know what I mean?

I had a last resort to save myself though, you feel me? So I told da judge, I said to him, I said: “Yo honah, 6 + 6 + 6 = 18, you smell me?”

Needless to say, I was announced a fre-e-e-e-e-e-e man after dat, you feel me?

But then, the Predator Poachers nigckas just barged into the courtroom and they said: 4 + 4 + 5 = 13!

Alas, I’m writing this joke from jail, and judging by the look my prisonmate Tyrone is giving me, I’ll be writing jokes from hell from now on.

in Pig

What do you call it when a Mexican and a Pedophile fight each other?

Alien vs Predator


Can people please shut up about ‘male privileges’. There is no right that men have that women don’t.

Women have the right to genital integrity. Women can vote without having to sign up for the draft.

Women have the right to choose parenthood, men do not.

Women have the right to be assumed caregivers for children.

Women have the right to call unwanted, coerced sex rape.

Women have the right to lower jail sentences for the same crime.

Women have the right to not be assumed sexual predators.

Women have the right to government departments that solely serve their interests. They also have the luxury of “women only” events that men cannot even dream of. (They even took the boy scouts away from us)

Women have the right to government-enforced gender quotas

Women have the right to exclusive tax benefits for being a business owner.

Women have the right to domestic violence shelters

Women have the right to not be assumed the primary aggressor in a domestic depute

Women have the right to rape a man or boy and if she gets pregnant from that man/boy they can sue him for child support.

So it is women who have more rights.

So shut up feminists please.

in Mountain

Why do mountains get so big?

They have no natural predators.


Child predators:” your so sixey


What do you call a child predator and a illegalimmagrant alien vs predator