If an illegal immigrant fights against a child molester, would that be “Alien vs Predator”?

What do you call a a fight between an illegal immigrant and a pedophile? Alien vs Predator.

What is it called when Bill Cosby and a illegal immigrant fight? Aliens vs. Predator

Alien vs Predator

Cosby vs E.T.

Why do mountains get so big?

They have no natural predators.

What do you call it when a Mexican and a Pedophile fight each other?

Alien vs Predator

What do you get when you cross a pediphile and an elementary school? Predator 3

what is it called when 21savage and 6ix9ine fight: alien vs predator

Child predators:” your so sixey

What do you call a child predator and a illegalimmagrant alien vs predator