Rape Jokes

Q: What's the difference between rape and marriage? A: With marriage, you get to keep the screaming woman afterwards.

What is bill Cosby's favorite poem? Roses are red, my cum is blue, I'll wait till your asleep to rape you

I asked my girlfriend if we could try my rape fantasy last night. She said no. It was the best night of my life.

what is it called when an illegal immigrant is getting raped? alien vs predator

I called that Rape Advice Line earlier today. Unfortunately, it's only for victims.

I think I banged a Chinese celebrity… She kept screaming “I’m Wei Tu Yung” like I was supposed to know the name.

You don't want to know why it takes so long to put a dead woman in a mass produced coffin in a pre buried grave dug by machinery, that is then filled by mourners.

I got arrested on suspicion of attempted rape all because I was carrying some cable ties, a bit of tape and a piece of cloth, it's such a joke, I hadn't even bought the chloroform yet

So my sister is a feminist I asked her what do you to hear a rape joke she said no I still decided to force one down her throat anyway.