what did the beach goers in north carolina say when there was a tsunami?

nothing they died

Why was the beach salty? Because the land didn’t wave back. The ocean the called the land a beach.

Bird On the beach: seagull Bird by the bay: bagel Bird down south philly Walmart parking lot: illegal

There were 2 guys in an asylum. One name Kenny and the other is Bob. The nurse went down the hall and saw Kenny act like he was packing his bags. Nurse said “What are you doin Kenny?” Kenny said “Going to Florida for the week.” Nurse said “Alright see ya when you get back.” Next day Nurse went down the hall again and saw Kenny laying down acting like he was holding a wine glass. Nurse said “What are you doing Kenny?” Kenny said “I am at the beach” Nurse said “Oh I forgot your in Florida for the week, see ya when you get back” Bob’s room was across the hall. Nurse went further down the hall and saw Bob on his bed jerking off. Nurse said “Goddamnit Bob what are you doing?” Bob said “Shhh, I am fucking Kenny’s wife right now, he is in Florida for the week”

I saw a lady in a bikini on the beach so I walked up to her and said LET ME STICK MY DICK UP YOUR BIG ASS!!!

What do you get when you go to the beach and you get a tan on your feet

Tan toes

Yo mama so far I thought see was a beach whale

Two pedophiles are on a beach

One says to the other “Move over, you’re in my sun”