🦄 Entity

I like Unicorns🦄 and Anime🌌. I'm German🇩🇪, comin from Earth🌍 and otherwise my identity remains a secret...🕳️ If you don't like me: (089) 6906630 ≈ Position fromhere: 52° 7' 32'' N, 1° 42' 12'' W ~ 私は 2023 年 2 月 17 日に死ぬかもしれません

When you when, the when at, when with you know, the you, you, that you ever, when... you dont know whats going on.

What is a dry swimmer🏊‍♂️?

Not in the water🌊...

A Vampire goes to the Bakery:

Vampire🧛‍♂️: „One Bun please.“

Bäcker👩‍🍳: „But you're Vampire, don't you need blood 🩸 ?“

Vampir🧛‍♂️: „Yes, there is an accident outside and i need something to dip“

What if your Corona Test is neutral?

What does a killer say in the shower in the morning.

-Splish Splash, i'm gonna slash...

🔪🗡️ 🩸

What does an Foreign say, when he comes to America?

I don't know, i dont speak foreignish...