What’s the difference between sand and a dildo? Sand has never gone up my ass

Sand under docks is very resilient. It doesn’t give in to pier pressure.

What did the sand say when it got into a fight with the ocean?

“oh my God, you’re such a beach”

Why will we never get hungry in the desert

We have lots of sand which’s

What’s the difference between sand and food??? Africans have plenty of sand.

Why can’t you starve in the desert? – Because of all the sand which is there.

What do you call a hourglass with no sand in it…

a waist of time

What Would you find on a haunted beach?

A Sand-witch!

“Hey guys I’m a new Jokester, remeber my name as I’ll be making a lot more!!! P.s. They will be much better than this one!”

Yo mama so fat she got more rolls than the sand dunes

What do you get if you cross a pig and a witch with sand? - A ham sandwich