Whatta ya call a downie in the armie…special forces

What did a comedian say at a show full of people with down syndrome? What’s up.

When the school shooter is just about to leave your classroom and you think your in the clear but the Down syndrome kid says “goodbye”

What do you call someone with Down Syndrome who smokes weed?

A baked potato.

Nevermind it’s retarded

If a midget with down syndrome shows up late for work, is it okay to say she’s a little tardy?

Lost my virginity to a down syndrome the other day… only cause I wanted my first time to be special…

Don’t let an extra chromosome get you down

Unlike my syndrome I keep my chin up 🙌🏽😁

What do you call a dessert with an extra chromosome?

A chocolate downie.

What do you call a retarded ironman? Robert Downie Junior

My syndrome may be down but my hopes are always up

What do you call a down syndrome that was hit by a car? Mash potato

What do you call a person with down syndrome in a bath tub?

Vegetable soup

Whats a retard favorite rockband? Syndrome of a down.

People with down syndrome have a specific skill only they have, they can give a blow job and talk to you while sounding exactly the same.

What do you call it when a person with downsyndrome gets friendzoned?


Named my dog syndrome, so when he sits on my couch I say “get Down syndrome”

This one kid i knew had down syndrome and he turned a mirror upside down trying to get rid of it.

what did the kid with down syndrome say to his friend? -nothing, he had no friends.