Why doesn’t the Sun go to college? – Because it has a million degrees.

Why was the sun ☀️ mad at the clouds ☁️?

Because the clouds kept throwing shades.

Why didn’t the sun go to college? Because it already had a million degrees!

the whole solar system is one big family right? but everyone circles the SON.


I stayed up all night trying to follow the sun… Then it dawned on me


What is the suns favorite chocolate bar? A Milky Way 😱

why is the sun mad at the clouds?The clouds keep throwing shade.

what did the sun say to the earth am i hot

If I was an object in this world I’d be a glass! Because if you leave me when I’m too close to the edge I will likely shatter and break.

If I was a pizza topping I would be pineapple! Because everybody doubts me.

I’m a star! Because one of these days I’m going to crash and burn…

If I could choose what creature I come back as after I die I’d be a panda, because people would give a shit if I went extinct.

I’m like the sun; I’m painful to look at.

If I was a food I would be chopped liver because nobody likes me.

I’m like an eggshell… broken and empty.

If I was a mythical creature I’d be a unicorn! Because nobody believes in me.

I’m like a flashlight with old batteries inside because my inner light died a long time ago.

My soul is a raisin because it’s dried up shriveled, and not everyone likes it.

I’m like the moon because you only get to see one side of me.

I’m like the moon because as the month progresses my life becomes covered more and more by darkness.

I’m like an Ex streamly powerful fan! Because I push everyone away.

I’m like a disposable camera! People use me once and then just throw me away.

I’m like a shity book cover… because people think they have the right to judge and label me before they read my pages.

My brain and body is essentially a really old married couple that can’t afford to go through with the divorce and now they are stuck in a toxic relationship they are desperate to escape but the more they try the more they sink into the quicksand that is my depression and anxiety

Help me…

Chuck Norris lit a campfire and humans saw the sun for the first time.

🌍:You’re so hot!
🌎:How are you single? ☀️:I burn anyone who gets too close!

Why doesn’t the sun ☀️ go to college?

Because it has a million degrees.

Q How can you tell the sun is a boy A it rises every morning

When you look at the sun, its like looking at me

y does everybody like the sun-cause its hot

Chuck Norris docent get sun burns the sun knows better

Question: What did the sun say to the little star? Answer: Are you my SUN

WHY IS THE MOON RED TODAY?The reason why the Moon takes on a reddish color during totality is a phenomenon called Rayleigh scattering. It is the same mechanism responsible for causing colorful sunrises and sunsets, and for the sky to look blue.