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Why did Sally get to go to Hawaii for free?

She washed up on the beach.

What did the beach say as the tide came in?

Long time, no sea.

what did one ocean say to the other ocean? nothing, they just WAVED. can you SEA what i did there? im SHORE you did. Why are you so SALTY? dont be a BEACH.

Yo mama is so fat, she goes to the beach to sell shade.

What did the ocean say when it saw the beach?

Nothing, it just waved.

One day a truck driver had a truck full of squirrels. A polise officer said," Sir, I’m going to need you to take these squirrels to the zoo." The driver did so and left. The next day the driver was back but this time the squirrels were wearing sunglasses. The officer said," I thought I told you to take these squirrels to the zoo." The driver said," I did. Today I’m taking them to the beach."

What did the sand say when it got into a fight with the ocean?

“oh my God, you’re such a beach”

Why was the beach salty? Because the land didn’t wave back. The ocean the called the land a beach.

What Would you find on a haunted beach?

A Sand-witch!

“Hey guys I’m a new Jokester, remeber my name as I’ll be making a lot more!!! P.s. They will be much better than this one!”

Three women- a blonde, a brunette and a redhead- are riding through the desert on a dune buggy. About two two hours later their vehicle dies with no gas and they’re forced to travel to their destination on foot, but they all agree to carry something with them. The brunette brings canteens of water. The redhead takes a large beach umbrella. The Blonde somehow rips off the car door. The redhead asks her, "Why did you take the whole car door?" To which the blonde replied, “So I can roll down the window in case it gets too hot.”

i tried a pun about water but people “sea” right through it, and when people complain they are usually just being a beach

What did the ocean say to beach? Nothing,it just wave!

Yo mama so fat, when she goes to the beach, the people shout, “Free Willy!”

what is hawkins number one song the beach boys i get around

Do you think the ocean is salty because the beach never waves back?

what did the beach goers in north carolina say when there was a tsunami?

nothing they died