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who likes penis? My cousin!

What does PEMDAS stand for? Penis enters my dad and sister


Knock knock "Who’s there?" “Grandma.” “Oh, okay.”

Nah it’s a penis.

jack and Jill ran up the hill to pop some pills and Jill said jack can do her with out here will and jacks penis was still


What’s white and sticky? A white mans penis after taking care of his neighbours dog

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  • What do you get when you cross a penis and a potato? A dick tater.

Gay person to girl:what’s your favourite planet Girl:penus-(penis)(venus),and what is yours? Gay person: what else, its Your Anus(uranus)😅

my penis is tied in a knot

a neighbor went up to me and asked me where my parents were. when i said “in the bed” my neighbor said, " oooooohh, how long is the penis?" i said wait here, and i interupted my parents while they were doing some “buisness” and asked my dad the exact question he said. then he spanked me.

Barney-1 2 3 what number comes next Barney-that’s right it’s penis

Kasper has a tiny penis

What do u call someone with a small dick… whoever is reading this 😉

What happened when you put your penis in? You start cUUuuUuuUMmMmiIiNnnGgG

The bigger your shoe size is, the bigger your penis is.

The smaller your shoe size, the smaller your penis is.