My penis is on fire

Knock knock Who’s there? Ligma Ligma who LIGMA BALLS

How do yo secks

With penis!

jajajajja funny joke epic laugh I have been detained please help

Ya mums ya dad

The married are on holiday on Italia. They look at the Leaning Tower of Pisa. He says:

  • Look, honey, this tower is crookedly standing She:
  • Shut up

(Standing means: penis erextion)

What happens if u mix a dick with a potato? U get a dictator dic-dick-tator-potato

What’s long and can never wait for more for the ladies action and likes when it gets harder… Your Penis

my pen is so strong ladies come and get it???

I have a penis. How’s that for a fucking joke. It’s not a joke. It’s terrible. 500 thumbs down and I’ll lop off my dick with a razor.

my penis is to big for my dad to suck it, so my mum sucks it instead

What do call a fruit’s penis apercock

ur dads penis was chopped off at the age of 2