How did the blind girl get a date? She said it was love at first sight

a girl and a boy were on a date, the boy kept farting. the girl asked, What Is Wrong?!?!the boy replied, “explosive diareah.” the girl said ew.

The boy went to the bathroom, and the place exploded. the center of the explosion, the bathroom.

It’s funny dating someone smarter than you, my girlfriend knows how to push my buttons but never takes into account what a dick I can be if need be, let me explain, say for example she calls me retarded, I remind her that she’s dating me.

Knock, knock. Who’s there. My penis.

Why did the bone go on a blind date? He was bonley.

ever noticed 9-1-1(the number for the po-po) is the Great Date(9-11)…Hmmm.

Once upon a time the three baby was born I 2015 she was always cry for 2015 he loves her born date 🤗😈🤗🤕🤒no🤗🤑😱😎🙌🙏🙈🙉🙊

When Lexa took Clarke out on a date, she walked past the candle shop, she bought all the candles. After the date, they went back to the Heda’s (Commanders) Tower, which is basically a huge candle. “All I wanna do is Candle you”

(Lexa and Clarke from ‘The 100’ [ #LexaDeservedBetter ] R.I.P. Lexa…)

Why are there no women in the NFL? Commissioner Roger Goodell firmly believes in equal opportunity. So the girl tries out. Then, if she makes the team we gangbang her to death. I mean, could you imagine what a scary birch shed have to be?

3 boy chiwawa were hot about this girl chiwawa. She tells them I will date whichever one of you can use liver and cheese in the same sentence. First dog say… I love cheese but liver is bland. She replay… Really original. Next dog… I love liver but chesse makes me constipated… She replay… Ewe gross. Third dog steps up… Man Liver alone cheese mine. Winner dog 3.

Why did I fuçlc my dad? So I could have s€x without my mom finding out. Should I not have done that?

Why is sex with pandas so much fun? I don’t know it just is. 🐼

whats the samthing between milk and a kid with cancer they both have a expiery date

Why do I f-uh-c-k my mom? Like father like son. #batabababa

There is a man and a women on a date.

The women asked what kind of things do you love.

The table starts to lift up on the mans side and the man says sorry.

Why does Sour Cream have an expiration date?

I told my cousin since we’re not blood related our parents would let us date.

Her pants were on fire.

The date is April 1st Somebody asks you what’s you are doing “I guess you could say I’m… fooling around ( ✧≖ ͜ʖ≖)“

Why did Chad date the 9 yr old

Because Stellas hot