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Q: What's the difference between LeBron James and a priest?

A: The size of balls they play with

My son caught me masturbating he asked me "what are you doing?" and I said "don't worry son you'll be doing it soon" he asks "why is that?" and I said "my arm's getting tired".

Q: Why don't Indians play soccer?

A: Because every time they're in the corner, they open a store

Q: Why is Hitler better than Biden?

A: Because Hitler gave gas to his people for free

Yo mama is so retarded they tell her it was gonna be chilly outside she went and got a bowl

Q: Do you know why transgender people are good at being carpenters?

A: Because they have more experience cutting off their wood

Q: Why did the Mexican start taking anti-anxiety pills?

A: Because he was taking them for His-panic attacks

Q: What's the difference between a suicide vest and a feminist?

A: At least one does something when it is triggered

People are pushing for a new black lady liberty coin. I can't wait to use black people as currency again