My wife left me for an Indian guy. – I know he’s going to treat her well, I heard they worship cows.

Why are there no good Indian actors? Because all the good ones are trying to get your bank details over the phone.

What did the Indian boy say to his mother as he left for school? – Mumbai!

How do you blow up an Indian person?

You press the red button.

Why do Indians marry cows, because they bathe in milk.

What do you call a indian in a lamorgini?

CURRY in a hurry.

what do you call a stupid male indian?


What did the cow tell an indian?


What did a gay Indian use as a weapons of war? A rain-bow

at what speed is the curry going at ?

in a hurry to the curry man

What did the indian say to the fat man?

Curry up!

What did the indian say to the cow?

I lowe you, moo than anything

what do you call an Indian lesbo, mingeatta

Why do Indian man marry fat Woman

What do you call a Indian babysitter?Nann y

why are bangalis so fishy cuz the fish ate them on a daily basis

what did the indian person say to the lady curry up will you

How do you pick up an Indian baby? A broom and dustpan.

Why did the indian cross the road? To run away from the pakistani

Why do Indian men marry fat women?

Because they worship cows.