Christopher Columbus:Sees native americans Can i see your land Native amercians:sure just be care… Christopher Columbus:Boonk gang whole lot of gang shit

What’s white and sticky? A white mans penis after taking care of his neighbours dog

Mozart doesn’t care if bach is the better than him at least he puts a lot of emotion he make’s people happy

What is a good night sleep and what do I have for you walk home from home and walk walk home and get a good night and night sleep good day today and walk home and walk walk home and take care and walk walk home 🏠 was good fun night night I had dinner 🍽 night night love 💗

A lady comes into the boys bathroom and a boy sees her. This is not a girls bathroom he says She answers I don’t care she says I NEED TO PEE!

Canada has free heath-care, here is a link to some Canada Facts!

Guy 1: P-gay or T-gay ?

Guy 2: P-gay sounds cooler

Guy 1: yeah me too i don’t like P-ewDiePie, always love T-series

Guy 2: omg what did i just say i wasn’t even knowing what were you talking about :<

Guy 1: like i do care :$

Guy 3: but i do care :<

Guy 1: fu*k you

Guy 3: do it

Guy 2: but you do care about me

Guy 3: no

Guy 2: fu*k you

Guy 3: do it

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

People say dogs are like their owners. So true. My dog keeps on running into the street as if she doesn’t care about her life. I don’t care about her life either hahahaha!!;)

I don’t know why everyone cares so much about 3D printers. I’ve had a Canon printer for years.

my class is my house is quite I suck a dick now one cares

Papyrus:sans your jokes are bad! Sans:I don’t care I got thick skin