Person 1: Hey Joe! Person 2: I'm not Joe and who's Joe..? Person 1: Joe Mama, you stupid bitch.
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i got kicked out of a library today

because i put a book about women's rights in the fantasy section

people have been telling me that you can get things for free now

the other day i saw a sign saying " FREE PALESTINE "

why do rapists and pedophiles never win a race

because they always like to come in a little behind

why do jedis stay single?

because they use "divorce " (the force )


two scientists walk into a bar, the first one says: " i'll have some H2O "

the second one says: " i'll have some H2O too " and then he died.

why does batman cover half of his face?

to let the police know that hes white

what is it called when an illegal immigrant is getting raped? alien vs predator

ur mom is so fat that when she went on the scale, it said " i need your weight, not your phone number "

ur mom is so fat that when god said " let there be light, " he asked you to move out the way

you look nice, and you seem like good fun, so if i give you this flower, will you finger my bum?

why do they call me a firefighter, because i find them hot, and i leave them wet!