What runs but does not walk. It’s water

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What did the water say to the water ‘‘Water’’ you doing.

If water makes you laugh then jokes make you pee

What did the beaver say when it hit the wall?


Q: What do you call a tsunami.A: your moms water breaking.

Whats a currents favroute juice?

Black “current”!

(Bob holds Deric’s neck) Deric: “Water(what are) you doing?”

Water to his Dad, Steam: Hi, Dad, I mist you! Steam: double-you(w). aich(h). ay(a). tee(t)?

Are u from tEnESeEE cuz I eAt AsES

Your Moma So Fay When She Asked For A Water Bed They Put A Blanket Over The Ocean

The twin towers are like water bottles

it’s all right if you knock them down as long as you pick up the mess

Hot water look a**

A vampire walks into a bar and orders a cup of hot water. The bartender asks, “I thought you guys only drink blood?”

The vampire pulls out a used tampon and says, “I’m making tea.”

one day chemistry teacher asked his student whose name is Raj waht is chemical formula of water the Raj replied HIJKLMNO TEACHER WHAT IS THESE RUBBISH THE RAJ REPLIED YESTERDAY YOU THOGHT CHEMICAL FORMULA OF WATER IS H2O,

A fly is 6 inches above water and a fish sees it and it leaps out and gets the fly then a bear garbs the fish and eats it, then a hunter shot the bear and a mouse saw some crackers and then leaped on the cracker and ate it then a cat runs down to get the mouse trips and falls into the water and that’s the story of how six inches can get a pussy wet.

What do Steven Hawkins and the wicked witch both have in common?

If you throw water over them both, they both die…

how many africans does it take to change a light

a water bottle

Three nuns up to Mother Teresa and say Mother Teresa we would not like to be eaten anymore Mother Teresa says okay but first you have to do something Unholy so they a leave and come back 3 days later the first one the first one says Mother Teresa I did something Unholy I took a little kids bike Mother Teresa says okay who drink from the holy water and you are free to go II unlocks upset I did it something worse than her I slept with a married man the last nun walks up and says I did something worse than all of them Mother Teresa says oh god oh gosh are there in the third nut and says I peed in the holy water