Q:why doesn’t a skeleton mother drink water? A:because it gives her more work!

A few male neighbors acme over the house to take a shower, because for some reason their house didn’t have water. A few minutes later I walk into the shower I see the male neighbors and mom taking a shower together. Then I said what are you doing they all say were taking a shower together so we could save water.


my mom walks in a bar and the bartender said water saying we only sell beer

my water was leaking, so i used flex tape. now i don’t know where to shower

How water say hi

It waves

i slip on the wet floor, haha silly water :) -Kachow!!! -LMQ, You know what comes before lighting? THUNDER KACHIGA

How many degrees does it take to change ice into boiling water? 199, because, the difference between -100 and +100 is 199 (excluding the zero, because it’s not real and it doesn’t exist because it’s not real). Get? https://youtu.be/XZQOjp0i35A?t=333

Jack and Jill went up the hill to catch some pale of water Jack come down and then Jill came tumbling after so they had a baby…

What’s an Emo’s favourite drink?

Water, JK it’s cyanide

Knock knock.

Who’s there?


Abajo who?

I have abajo of water with me.

Can i get a glass of water? I will give u anything u ask.

Really, than give me a pond of water

What did the pond brother say to his lake sister?

Oasis! (Oh hey sis!)

How many oz. of water does it take to screw a light bulb.

None, also what the heck are you doing with water when people in Africa don’t have any?

how do you boil holy water?..you boil the hell out of it

How does the sea say hello It WAVES you SEA what I did their I’m SHORE you saw it Don’t be SALTY

my water was leaking, so i used flex tape. now i don’t know where to sower

If we can’t see are, can fish see water?

Mr. Nobody: Water you thinkin’s happenin’, Ol’ Mr. Atlantic? Mr. Atlantic: Something Smells Fishy… Mr. Nobody: Well, duh, you, idiot! Your an =\Ocean/= ! Mr. Atlantic: WTH!?!?!?!?

yo mama so fat when she asked for a bathtub they put a blanket over a ocean