Why did the Nurse bring a read pen to work? To draw Blood Why did the M&M go to school? to be a smartie. Why did the monkey bring a ladder to school? to be in highschool.

What did the cell say when his sister stepped on his foot? Mitosis !!! (my-toe-sis)

Why are Amoebas so bad at math? Because, when they need to multiply, they divide

If the formula of water is H₂O , then what is the formula of ice ?

H₂O cubed

Q)What do you call Iron Man when he can't swim ? A) Robert Drowney JR.

back in ancient Greece, there was a Greek skyrim, but instead of FUS ROH DAH, the main character said "Me damnit, Ganymede, get the #10 lightning bolt, I hate it when Helios lets his kids drive"

If you don't get this, look up the story of Phaethon, and if you STILL don't get it, then you are dumb