Once a boy named penis had a crush on a girl named vagina their teacher found out and explained not to bump into each other ,as innocence they said yes .One day penis found his teacher in the bed naked masturbating ,the teacher wanted hardcore anal sex but vagina found it out and went to see them ,the teacher told vagina that its normal ,penis said ''Gosh that its normal ,i put my dildo in vaginas pussy .Then they three had a hell of a time and they all were pleasured but after six months they both had a child one named dildo and another named pussy. so,narrated it can be told that penis had sex with vagina and her teacher normally but ended up getting a dildo and pussy

Which flies cannot be seen…?

Time flies

The only only time rape jokes are funny is never.


I was going to buy a watch today but I didn’t have time

Two guys where on a hunting trip and after the first day of hunting they don’t see anything so that decide the next day they will split up and meet back at, the fire at dinner time. After a day of hunting they meet back at the fire and the one hunter asked the other how did your day go? So the one hunter said “I had the best day ever,” I went down the hill and hunted by the train tracks and saw the hottest chick ever, we had sex for hours in every position you could think of. Then the other hunter asked him “was she a good lookin blond?” And he said “ oh I don’t know I didn’t find her head”

Dad:im dying Son:hi dying, im [name] Dad:really, now is not the time Son:im sorry Dad:hi sorry im dad (dies)

As a little boy I walked in on my parents having intercourse one night, and of course, my parents stopped and sent me back to bed.

The next day my dad tells me “Don’t worry son, I wasn’t hurting mommy, we were just trying to make you a little sister.”

So, when I was young I always wanted a pet. I then looked at my father and asked “Could you do mommy doggy style next time? I want a puppy.”

We were so poor that every time I passed by a butcher shop I thought there had been a horrible accident.

one time i broke up with my roblox girlfriend by sending her a message, 30 seconds later i heard my uncle crying in the next room

Next time at walmart I’m going to scan my wrist they are basically barcodes

One time there was a happy lil girl then one day her teacher asked how many legs and arms do a pineapple have she said girl: You know those pokey things on it thats how many Teacher says: Thats dumb they have zero. then the next day the girl set a fire in her house and then she burned her legs and arms then she survived went to school then the teacher said i heard your house went on fire and btw you know you don´t have no arms or legs right the girl said OK then the question the teacher asked yesterday asked the girl again she said what do u call a girl with no legs or arms? the teacher said ANSWER MY QUESTION the girl said OK OK the girl said 13 the teacher said PINEAPPLES DO NOT EVEN HAVE LEGS Then the teacher had to calm down then the teacher said to the girl ask a question whatever u want then the girl said ok and im sorry teacher teacher said its ok i need a break the girl said what do u call a girl without legs or arms someone from the class her name was nia she said a worm she said NO!!! the teacher said CALM DOWN JUST TELL US WHAT the girl said OK then the girl said it…And yall who is reading my story guess what the answer is before i tell u and btw the girls name is sunny back to story…she said the answer is A PINEAPPLE then when the teacher was calm she told her to sit down then the teacher read a story The Three Little pigs then the girl went home she got a new house then lived happily ever after

I was going home and 3 guys came up to me. An Italian, black, Spanish. They said you should be a proud brother your sister knows her meats, I didn’t know what they were talking about. They said sister won a trophy you will see it when you get home. I went home my sister said look I won a trophy by knowing my meats. I said what do you mean well 3 guys blindfolded me and I gave them a blowjob each one of them, and I guest which flavor was it. I was right all the time that’s how I won my trophy. Has a big brother I couldn’t be any prouder.

Last time Kenny ate a vegetable he got banned from his mom’s nursing home.

So one time I was looking up the definition of accident because I was a little dumbo and didn’t know what it meant. Then my sister walks up behind me, and points at the word and says, “That’s you!”(meaning that I was an accident) A few minutes later, we had a big family meeting and my dad said to my sister, “Sweetie, you were an accident. We didn’t mean to make you. But we still love you with everything we’ve got.”

My sister never talked to me again and left the house. She was 17 when she left. Seriously, 17-year-olds just never mature, huh?

A little girl walks into the bathroom see her mom naked taking a shower and asks mommy mommy when am I gunna get breasts …mom say oh when your 12 or 13 …little girl looks down and see’s her pubes and asks mommy mommy when am I gunna get hair down there …mom say oh about the same time you get breasts…then the little girl walks in see her dad sitting on the bed with a hard on and asks daddy daddy when am I gunna get one of those …dad says soon as your mom leaves for work

My Countryhumans OC, Sahara, is the daughter of France and Soviet. When people ask why, I tell them it was the gendersnapped version of my parents making me. France (my dad) was drunk and Soviet (my mom) was being horny. Then they judge me, so I judge them with a knife to the chest 47 times.

The only time rape jokes are okay; is when they aren’t forced.

Me:Help I’m stuck in a trap Friend:What kind? Me:It’s called life, yeah I’ve been trying to get out of it for 6 years now, it just won’t let me go. Friend:That’s not funny… Me:Yeah? Nor is wanting to die, yet I’m still over here laughing every time I try to. Friend:I’m calling your mom. Me:She knows. Friend:Whats she doing to help, then? Me:She’s supposed to help? Friend:Have you told your dad? Me:I will when he comes back. Friend:Where is he? Me:I don’t know he’s been gone for 15 years. Friend:… Me:What? Friend:Why? Me:Why what? Friend:Why would you joke like that? Me:I was joking… Friend:I know. Me:Oh. I didn’t know. Friend:… Me:Have a nice day, I’ll see you tomorrow…Maybe…

The other day a squirrel asked me for a job, I asked him what jobs did you have previously. Calmly he answered," I am a pilot, I can pick it up from here and pile it over there, I also can fly a sign!!!" " To bad, this is a nut cannery, and we’re 100% automated, we don’t need anyone at this time, sorry." " No worries, I’m totally nuts anyway, guess I’ll fly a sign across town, don’t have bus fare!!!"