When I’m bored I text a random number “I hid the body… now what”

When you send nudes to your roblox gf and your uncle’s phone sounds with a text tone…

So my mom sent a text saying, “I’m gonna need help carrying groceries when I get back.” That was 3 months ago.

Window Problems A blonde texts her husband on a cold winter’s morning: "Windows frozen, won’t open." Husband texts back: "Gently pour some lukewarm water over it and gently tap edges with hammer." Wife texts back 5 minutes later: "Computer really messed up now.”

a friend texts to another "hey", they reply, “What’s up?”. The first friend then replies with a simple answer, “the sky!”, but the other friend intervenes and says, “no it’s the ceiling!”. To then the first friend finishes the greeting with, “unless you’re homeless or six feet under.”

I just got a text on my cell bone be right back ;)

when you send ur girl a dick pic but she says its small. so you text back and say: “enjoy the little things”.

Friend texting fat boy:I know your on the groupchat I can see you looking at my texts . Me: I can only see fat

A man (ameenya sheed) text a nother man(bob) and said

“Hi im, ameenya sheed.”

Bob" you not in my shed because i dont have one but i have a garage, i dont think your in there: