Roblox Jokes

one time i broke up with my roblox girlfriend by sending her a message, 30 seconds later i heard my uncle crying in the next room

Opposite day be like in doors

Figure : finally I can see

Eyes: Nnnnnoooo I'm blind. Figure I'm sorry i made fun if u all those other times pls don't make fu. Of me

Figure: ok eye promise eye won't.

Eyes: 😭

When you tell your Roblox girlfriend you’re breaking up with her and then 10 seconds later you hear your uncle crying in the other room.

Roblox Talent Shows be like: Host: Next Up is Bob! Bob: Hi! I'll be singing Pian- *Buzzing Noises* Judges: You suck! Bob: I'm reporting! *Bob get's kicked from the server*

My mom said if I'm awake playing roblox still she said she was going to bang my head against the keyboardhxhdhduhxbsfj

99% of Roblox usernames be like: bdiejfbsie3hdiejdbisie882jeoxnd, by yYidgJyeuzyei73*-;ujduzjehzisjd, and j73heisbdjJd3nakwnwo2jdieneidjd

Teacher: stand up if u think u r stupid

After awhile a student stands up.

Teacher: So u think u r stupid

Student: No I'm not stupid I just felt bad because u were standing by ur self.

I once was playing with my friend and roblox girlfriend, then one day, they cheated on me. i broke up with her and unfriended him then i saw my mom and my uncle crying! Me be like : ;-;

Mom: hey son, what does idk and idc mean?

Son: i don’t know and I don’t care.

Mom: excuse me?

Son: oh, and by the way mum, what’s for dinner?

I don’t know and I don’t care.

There was a little boy named Chris who was addicted Roblox. One day, his grandpa fell into a deep coma caused by a head injury. One day, little Chris went to visit his poor grandpa. He brought his Windows 10 too, but it had no charge in it. After pulling out some wires and placing his into the wall, he started to hear a long beeping sound, but ignore it and continued to play Roblox. Chris's parents came and saw what had happened. The dad then yelled, "You dumb f***, you killed my father!!!" Then Chris said "Yeah. He was worth robucks, too.


Figure : who wants to play hide and seek.

Seek and hide: me

Figure:ok hide and I will hide and seek will be it.

Seek:why do I have to be it?

Figure: because ur name says so.

Store owner: u have to be 40 inches tall to go into the adult section.

Kid: please.

Store owner: oh okay but get on ur tippy toes.

Kid: ever body is hugging

Bully: have u ever heard of a brain

Stupid kid:no

Bully: u should go get one

Stupid kid: wwwwaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh

one day in roblox someone was arguing with me and they asked me my age. 18. they said that they were twenty two. Me: if your so smart, whats the largest daycare game on roblox? Him:Yo Hair. he said. then he left the game. and a said that is so messed up. actually that bullcrap.