Roblox Jokes

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When you send nudes to your roblox gf and your uncle’s phone sounds with a text tone...

in Abuse

one time i broke up with my roblox girlfriend by sending her a message, 30 seconds later i heard my uncle crying in the next room

Lucy Bicknell / trash pennies
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whats an orphans favorite roblox game adopt me

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When you send nudes to your roblox gf and your uncle’s phone sounds with a text tone…

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I had 2 boxes 1 roblox 1 xbox

School Shooter Memes

When the school shooter breaks into your classroom so you try to say goodbye to your Roblox gf but then the shooter's phone goes off.


Who's the Roblox YouTuber that always see amongus and say "stupid"


There was a little boy named Chris who was addicted Roblox. One day, his grandpa fell into a deep coma caused by a head injury. One day, little Chris went to visit his poor grandpa. He brought his Windows 10 too, but it had no charge in it. After pulling out some wires and placing his into the wall, he started to hear a long beeping sound, but ignore it and continued to play Roblox. Chris's parents came and saw what had happened. The dad then yelled, "You dumb f***, you killed my father!!!" Then Chris said "Yeah. He was worth robucks, too.

Grace and Ximena

add me in Roblox wholetthedogsoutyou1 lol who let the dogs out you you you you you


What kind of dress does a roblox floppa house have? "ADDRESS! "

Xander Roberts
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What is an orphan’s favourite Roblox game

Adopt me


99% of Roblox usernames be like: bdiejfbsie3hdiejdbisie882jeoxnd, by yYidgJyeuzyei73*-;ujduzjehzisjd, and j73heisbdjJd3nakwnwo2jdieneidjd Records

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Roblox Talent Shows be like: Host: Next Up is Bob! Bob: Hi! I'll be singing Pian- *Buzzing Noises* Judges: You suck! Bob: I'm reporting! *Bob get's kicked from the server*


A man sacrificed children who played Roblox so when someone knocked on the door, they said "An administrator has banned you from heaven"


Listen if my mom say me on roblox ate 3am she said she would bang my head against the keyboardndfndfnnckvnksdvknkdsfnvbfw

in Orphan

why are orphans sad when playing roblox?

there isnt any parents on roblox

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im bored if you want to friend me in roblox my username is Talitha95g and my nickname is talithafromamirica