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You know, people should really stop making fun of 911....both my parents died.

One driving one plane, and the other driving the other.

A collection of 911 jokes.

What kinda pizza did they order at 911?


What was the colour of 911?


What is the fasted way to see 911?


So there's Fred and Frank, now they've been 2 friends for years, but Fred see he's depressed. Badly. Either way, so F+F are texting each other and here's how is goes: (this is my first joke, so please don't judge to harshly)

Frank: Yo Fred: hi... Frank: u heard about de competition? Fred: yeah.... Frank: You wanna hang out? Fred: ....... Frank: what? I've got some noose (news) for you Fred: ... I( Frank: fine.... I guess we need to think of a plan tho. We don't wanna be hanging on the end. Fred: *sigh* you really can't rope me into this competition.