Why are skeletons so calm? Because nothing gets under their skin

why did the skeleton not go to the dance?

because he’s dead.

you idiot.

What did the skeleton say before dinner? BONE appetit. His whole family found that HUMERUS.

i hear skeletons like to play the saxaBONE, though i think the tromBONE would be better, but tibia honest, both can be HUMERUS, wouldnt wanna hurt your funny bone, but i think your starting to get BONELY so ill stop pulling your leg. Now get out before i give you a bad time.

Why can’t skeletons play church music? Because they have no organs.

what does a skeleton put on his roof shin-gulls

A funny joke scenario Person 1: Why didn’t he skeleton go to the dance?

Person 2: Because he had no “body” to go with.

Person 1: Because he was ugly fat and nobody liked him

Sans: why didn’t the skeleton not go to the party? Papyrus: because they looked like me? Sans:… Sure

What do you call a skeleton with no friends BONELY

I’m not lazy, I’m just bone tired. I bet that one tickled your funny bone. It sure got me rattled. Don’t try to stop me. I’ve got a skele-ton of these!

a skeleton goes sky diving. doesn’t come back in one piece

Why did the skeleton not rob the bank?

He did not have the guts!

What do skeletons say before they begin dining? Bone-Appetit!

A skeleton walks into a bar. Orders a beer and a mop.

Two skeleton brothers are talking 1st bro: Hey get up you and do some exercise you are so hevy you weigh a ton! 2nd bro: A skele-TON :)

What is a skeleton favorite instrument?

A trom-bone 😂

what do you call a skeleton who went out in the snow? a numb skull! -sans

What does a skeleton order at a restaurant? SPARERIBS

What do skeletons hate the most about wind? Nothing, it goes right through them.

What did the skeleton say while riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle? I’m bone to be wild!