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Hola. Might make some AGGRESSIVE jokes sometimes B)
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Why should you abuse the hell out of an orphan? Because what are they gonna do? Tell their mom or dad?

Just told Putin to get some b*****s

Waiting for 3801 missiles to strike my house

Why was the American kid late to school? Because he was too busy putting on his bullet proof vest

What's the difference between me and you?

Nothing, the fudge you expected ni-

My love for you is like poop.

Whenever I feel you, I have to run to the toilet and flush you away

One day, a little girl was texting her friend. " Guess what Angelica!" said the little girl

"What?" Angelica replied

"I'm a guy."

One time Little Johnny heard his parents "wrestling" in their bed. So the next morning, he went to rape all the little girls in school. This then led to his demise. No girls told on him, but when he grew up, he was a raper. He never stopped. In total, "little" Johnny had over 31 sons that he didn't know about. When he was sentenced to jail, he raped all the inmates despite his small figure. He was then sent to the death sentence, "eagle wing" torture style. His parents were happy he died, and the morbid rapist was put down, never to return again. However, all the sons had his genes, including his MINDSET. They then became a cult and shot down 2014 cops, 471 military members and 72951 males and females. The kids, you ask? Only the males were spared, and taught how to operate the guns. All but 419 females were killed. They soon became the world's strongest empire. No one could stop Little Johnny's sons. NO ONE.

Why was 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 murdered 37 children and 41 adults during the ages of 31-35 years old. She was then sentenced to a 35 year sentence( Colombian stuff) and came out 70 years old. She then continued to go on a spree and murder 41 more people, in 2 months. 3 years later, 6 stabbed 7 as they were friends. 6 was not sentenced, but deemed a hero. He never forgets that moment. Her soul not floating above, but screaming from the torture it's receiving.