Skinny Jokes


Whoa faygo

My friend:your so skinny you never miss the elevator when it's closing you just slip right through😂

Me thinking it's a gift from god:🕴️😎

Yo mama


yo mama is so skinny she makes friends with a snake.

Dark Humor

I know what you did

Why are Japanese always so skinny?

Cause last time there was a fat man an entire city disappeared



what do you call a skinny black dick? A tootsie roll



You're so skinny, you probably wipe your ass with floss.



Your so skinny you never gain wait Your so skinny your a thin stick


My Tr

Why are skinny. People skinny? Because he Don't have a family to breastfeed on.



Joe mama so fat I took a picture of her last year and it’s still printing


I cannot believe no ones come up with a cure for anorexia yet. I thought it would be a piece of cake!



Your so skinny that when your driving you have to put the seat forward to reach the pedals 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣



why are all asians so skinny? Because last time there was a fat man a whole population disappeared

Dark Humor

For dinner, this girl had noodles. The next day, she could not find her skinny sister. The mom said “Your sister is dead!” sadly. The girl asked “She was skinny, right?” The mom said yes. The sister laughed “I ate her! That’s why the noodles were very skinny!”


WhO kNoWs

Why are orphans so skinny? They never learned how to home cook.

Little Johnny

Mike Ox Long

one time little johnny saw someone in his yard tying a rope to a tree and he moved the stoll and the tree broke. little johnny screamed. " HAHA Your skinny enough to break the tree"



*fat man coming in the store* waiter oh god not again :| fat man : hi i would like 3 fries and 19 burgers waiter : sorry sir you will get the owners store out of stock on food can i get you a salad instead? fat man : oh sorry but im the owner and i have alot of stocks the for he record you should get yourself a my order your skinny af gurl you trading to be a stick or something?


There were three woman, one was curvy in all the right places, one was skinny but had a booty on her, and last but not least there’s one that has a BBL.. Then comes in a famous rapper guess which one he picked ???



Your so skinny if someone farts on your direction you will fly away


Hi Der

"Don't forget you are what you eat," said one person. "Then I should eat a skinny person." said the other.


You're so skinny that if I were to put you on a flagpole, you would wave in the wind.