Skinny Jokes

Holly shit there's so many yo mama jokes Heres mine: Yo mama so skinny she used a cheerio as a hula hoop Yo mama so fat that she made a plane unstable and crashed it into the twin towers Yo mama so old that she has jesus's autograph Yo mama so ugly that not even makeup can save her Yo mama so dumb that she thought rocket league was a competition between kids in wheelchairs

I will make a funny joke if u let me be your boyfriend. Im 19 and i am russian.

How many skinny people can fit in a tub? I don't know they keep slipping down the drain.

To start im a big fella in size.

I saw a skinny guy act like Santa so I went over to him. "You can't pull that off" I said. He said "then you try it". He gave me the Santa suit and I dressed up. He walked by and saw me with 45 kids in line to sit on my lap and tell me what they wanted for Christmas.

My friend:your so skinny you never miss the elevator when it's closing you just slip right through😂

Me thinking it's a gift from god:🕴️😎