Operation failed in North Korea, the surgeon died.

What’s similar between a fetus and a failed mission?

You abort it

Friend 1: What’s the most disappointing thing that ever happened to you? For me repeating a year. Friend 2: Failing an important test. And you?

Then there is me: My life.

Fuck it suicide is wrong but if you jump off a bridge and yell parkor its a failed stunt

Thankfully I’m still alive because I fail at everything in life.

What’s white and bloody?

Two doves in a trash compactor Talk about a failed marriage

In life you either yeet or get yeeten, or you beat or get beaten.

I guess I failed.

Why did the failed abortion climb up the woman’s leg?

It was homesick.

His boss gave him some projects to work in, but he failed at it

His boss told him : “You suck”

And he started sucking his boss, after he was done

His boss told him : “You suck for life”


Why did the leper fail his driving test? He left his foot on the clutch

The son margarine shows his father his test that he failed. Father: son you can do butter

Stormtrooper: What should we do with about the failed plan?

Palpatine: Screw it


In America they was a boy named urhan and he had one hand and a stump and a girl named handa who was a orphan, they had a trial for Boston red socks and they failed because urhan couldn’t stump the ball and handa didn’t know where home was.

roses are red I failed my test all because of Hugh and his insest

My dad told me i’m a failure… I failed a math’s test. Good thing theres a pole outside my house.

whats worse than funny condom fails?

Jake Paul

My friend dared me to steal my other friend’s watch. I tried but failed. He really got me dare.

Today there was a big test for Little Timmy. During the test, Timmy had to take a really huge shit. So he rushed to the bathroom. He took a while in there. When he was done, he had realized there was no more toilet paper left. Since there was nothing around him to use, the only thing he could do was wipe with his hand. His time in the bathroom was up, and he needed to finish that test! He didn’t have time to wash his hands. So he hurried back. The problem was, the hand he wiped with was his right hand. He used his left hand to complete the test, which made him fail. When he got home, his mother was standing there crossing her arms. “Timmy, the teacher had called and said you wrote sloppy on your test. Why is that?” Timmy replied, “Oh, it’s because I caught a leprechaun with my right hand, but if I opened it my classmates would scare him away, so I had to use my left.” Timmy’s mother glared at him with disbelief. “Timmy, I don’t believe you. Now open your hand!” Timmy did so and opened his hand. “See, mother? I said you’d scare the shit out of him!”

What’s red,slimy,and makes my wife scream? Two failed abortions!