Failing Jokes

Friend 1: What's the most disappointing thing that ever happened to you? For me repeating a year. Friend 2: Failing an important test. And you? ----- Then there is me: My life.

When you donate a kidney, you are a total hero, everyone loves you

When you donate five kidneys though, people start yelling, the police gets called - sheesh

In life it’s either Yeet or get beat and I clearly failed yeeting as a child as my dad beat me


If you jump off a bridge while crying, it's suicide, but if you jump off a bridge while screaming parquor it's a failed stunt.


What's worse than failed attempted suicide? The pity looks people gives you and people keeps u away from 'dangerous' things

My depressed friend said he wanted to jump off of a bridge but he didn’t wanna commit suicide. I told him if yhu jump and yell parkour, it’ll just be a failed stunt

My dad posted a picture of his condom challenge fail to his social media - it was a picture of me.