Emo Jokes

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your dad is back with the milk

Me vs The Emo kid we go to high-five a tree I get a high five the emo kid is left hanging

Zaiah Sugar

If you have emo grass and don't pay attention to it it will cut itself.


Why do people misplace the 9/11 with emo kids? They both have a high death count.

Silas booty raper

I just planted emo grass. Ignore it and it cuts itself.

Silas booty raper

The Good Old Days > You don't appreciate a lot of stuff in school until you get older. Little things like being spanked every day by a middle-aged woman: Stuff you pay good money for in later life.


What makes emo’s jump



Me-"Whats the difference between an apple and an emo" Friend-"i dont know" Me- an apple actually falls from the tree

biggest black balls 69

what fell down the tree first the emo or the apple

guess what the apple because the emo got left hanging


What does an emo do on Halloween, they hang like a decoration

John Xina
in Dark Humor

What did the kid say to the emo? Don't leave me hanging

I’m always watching

Did you here about the emo kid that tried to high-five a tree… it left him hanging


Like if u love God and jesus


If you have emo kid army they'll kill them selves before they get to the field


why are emos useful in stores? A: Their barcodes give them discounts.

in Walker

How did the Apple and the emo fall off the tree at the same time? Because Paul Walker crashed into it

Emo fortnite chick

What do emo boys and emo girls have in common they both wanna die and cut so they can die faster but they are already dead already dead to me!

Gay midget p... is gay

You know how divers jump off a cliff and land in the water well ... Emos do that to but when they jump they dont land in the water


what do u call an emo wityh curly hair

sam reid


Q. How do U get the emo out of the tree

A. Cut the rope