Emo Jokes

Whats the last thing emos feel before they die? Rope burn.


What do you call a flat emo?

a cutting board

QuanDale Dingell

What’s the best part about fucking a emo chick… she limited edition

Anonymous men

What is an emo's favourite movie? The suicide squad


Q#why did the emo kid get jealous on xmas?

A#he saw the ordamints hanging


emo girls be like ho much am i worth. girl scan the code on your wrist


The emo kid went to give a tree a high five.

The tree left him hanging.


How is an emo kid’s wrist like Pink Floyd? It’s all shitty until you reach the final cut.


How do emo's like their meat cooked medium rawr


what do you call an emo cancer kid


I H8 EM0 K1Ds

What’s an emo kids favorite wood working tool? A chop saw!

How do emo kids complement each other? They say I like ya cuts g


IF an emo and a leaf are ina tree which one will fall first?

ANSWER: The leaf, the rope saved the emo

Emo bar code scanner

What's the difference between an emo and my clothes? my clothes don't hang themselves.

I was telling the emo kid emo jokes and I couldn’t read them because I was laughing too hard I almost cut the emo kid. He wasn’t laughing at the jokes.


So I am an emo dude so I sit in the back of the class and I talk to no one.But one day this dude came up to me and tried to talk to me so I just ignored him.Then he got really pissed off and said “I’m gonna kill you”.I was like “Your gonna kill me just because I ignored you, is your ego that big, wow.”He left then the next day he brought his goons with him and said “now your dead” I ignored him again and he said “you will pay for this.”So the following day after school I was walking down the street back to my house then him and his goons tried to attack me, but then they died so I kept on walking.I had some rope traps set.This was the best day of my life.

This is why you never mess with emo’s.We have ropes everywhere.

in Depression

Is it normal my emo cousins hobby is tying himself to train tracks.


What do you call a annoying emo kid, a nuseance

Axel rose 🌹
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What’s the difference between an emo kid and a dead pig Suicide squad


Q: What happens when emo's make out?

A: They don't they just hang out