Emo Jokes

dominic singh

why did ur emo mom get u? to have someone to hang out with.


What do you call a group of emos “suicide squad”

If you take an emo kid grocery shopping. You get to scan their wrists for discounts!


What is a emos least favourite game Cut the rope

sell farm
in Self Harm

why do people like dating us emo girls? because of the texture on our thighs


why do emos like circles because they can hang out with them

What do you call a committee of emo kids? A cutting board!

Ghostly Shadow

My friend told me an emo joke once and I said ¨emo jokes aren´t funny, cut it out¨


I wish the grass outside of my house is emo, because it would cut itself


Why do emos cut their arms, because they can’t cut the rope


How do two emo kids greet each other,

I like ya cuts g

Taking an emo kid grocery shopping does have it’s perks

You get to scan their wrists for discounts!

yo mom back

there’s two types of emo people

  1. people that cut side to side

  2. and people that cut up and down

the most efficient is up and down

What is a group of emo kids called?

A suicide squad


I went up the temp girl and slapped her tests and said- “I like ya cut g”


what is an emo’s favorite game? hangman


what do you call a flat chested emo? a cutting board

Alfie bailey

Q:What do u call a emo business A: a cutting board


What do ya call an emo that’s hung himself? Hangman