Rock Jokes

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You know, most people take rocks for granite… sorry

Daniel King
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Why is a moon rock tastier than an earth rock?

Because it’s a little meteor.


Kid: hey dad whats dark humor ? Dad: go walk up to that homeless guy and throw a rock at him . Kid: but dad I dont have any legs or arms . Dad: exactly son.


What is the difference between a coconut and your ex? One is fun to knock down by throwing rocks at the other one is a coconut.

in Astronaut

How does you make a baby astronaut sleep? You rock-it

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I figured out why everyone is buying toilet paper because a huge rock is headed towards earth and paper covers rock

Epic Person 0_o

A grandfather is on his rocking chair. His grandson comes to him asks him to croak, to which the grandfather responds with a “no”. His granddaughter then comes along and asks him to croak, to which the grandfather responds, “Why do you keep asking me to croak?” The granddaughter replies, “Because Dad says if you do, we get to go to Disneyland.”

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Look I didn’t hit rock bottom I gracefully floated down there like Mary Poppins with an umbrella.

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I met a rock the other day. He was a very gneiss guy.

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Girls are like rocks, the flat ones get skipped

your freindly fen
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Apparently rock bottom has a basement… :\

in Bullying

I came home from school One day and told my cat a kid at school said I was an idiot and told me to go kick rocks so I did except I kicked him out him and I called him the idiot for not moving out of the way

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Why did the grandmother put wheels on her rocking chair. … she likes to rock And roll lol


hi i am bill

Anonymous beeing

rocks are used to much people take em for granite


What does a perverted frog say? Rub it

Why don’t witches wear underwear? To get a better grip on their broom

What do girls and rocks have in common? The flat ones get skipped

What is red and goes 200 mph? A baby in a blender


Rock paper lesbians.


I like rocks, specifically Jeon Jungkook’s 𝚁𝚘𝚌𝚔 hard abs😉🤭🤣

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Girls are just like rocks the flat ones get skipped

Anonymous stranger
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What does a rock and a girl have in common? The flat ones get skipped