Common Jokes


What do steven hawkings and a walky talky have in common

Lovely perv

What do highschool kids and Dow have in common? They both test chemicals

Aiden mackenzie

Whats dose my dad and the twin towers have in common they used to be with us, now its just a sensitive topic.


What does my family and the twin towers have in common: We both played jenga

I'm adopted
in Orphan

What do an orphan's parents and Nemo have in common

They both can't be found


What does McDonald's and a paedophile have in common?

They both like sticking their meat in ten year olds

in Stripper

What do a stripper and a coconut have in common they both have a creamy center

in Emo

What do a a stole and a emo have in common... They both sit still

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What does an orphan and a females mouth have in common?

They take in 100’s of kids

in Kidnapping

What dose a peice of gum and a gun have in common

You pull one out everyone wants to be your friend

What does a bungee jumper and a homosexual have in common? When the rubber snaps they both end up in the shit! 💩

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What does Pikachu and a orphan have in common? Pikachu, I choose you!

Rosette is a simp
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What do girl emos and boy emos have in common 1. They both want to die 2. They both cut to die faster 3. They both listen to emo songs 4. They like I wanna die song/miss wanna die

Nice Garry (Garry Neville)

What does your dads cock and Darryl's Savouries have in common?

I want them both in my mouth!

Darryl McKenzie

What do Gay Men and Minorities have in common?

My dad hates them both!

Emo fortnite chick
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What do emo boys and emo girls have in common they both wanna die and cut so they can die faster but they are already dead already dead to me!

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What do clothes and emo kids have in common?

They both get hung


What does an orgasm and a pulse have in common?

I don't care if she has either.

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what do Bob Ross's painting and the orphanage have in common. They're both filled with happy little accidents............