Common Jokes

What do TVs and girls have in common ? They both show you stuff when you turn them on!

What do emos and apples have in common?

They both hang on trees.

What do catholic priests and JCPennys have in common?

Little boys pants half off.

What do a convention of nerds and Kurt Cobain's garage have in common? There's brains all over the place

The twin towers and genders have alot in common, there used to be two and now.. its just a touchy subject.


Q:What do women and kfc have in common A:once you eat the breasts and thighs all you have left is a greasey box to put ur bone in

What do a shopping cart and a wheel chair have in common... they both carry vegetables


What do Michelangelo and Kurt Cobain have in common?

They both used their brains to paint the ceiling.


what does Stephen hawking have in common with a bull ? they both charge