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Rick astley

I was going to share my joke about anal, butt fuck it was inappropriate…

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You’ve heard of anal sex. You’ve heard of oral sex. You’ve heard of genital sex. But have you ever heard of NASAL SEX?

What is the difference between anal se* and a microwave? A microwave doesn’t brown your meat.

Roses are red, Violets are blue, I only do anal, I thought you knew.

Refried beans

Did you know that McDonalds made a Michael Jackson burger? It’s a 50 year old piece of meat in a 12 year old bun.

Man goes to a doctor says he’s having problems shitting so the doctor gives him so enama and says he needs to do it a few times at home but does the first one for him so the guy bends over the table lubs him up and shoves it deep in him and he yells. so later the man goes home and tells his wife he needs her help with the enama so he bends over she lubs him up puts a hand on his shouler and she shoves it up there and he starts screaming and cussing and the wife asks did I hurt u? He said no I just realized when the doctor did it he had both hands on my shoulders

Frickn hell im such a fat ass -_-

How can you get free butt plants just get your man to fill your butt with Natural juices

Frickn hell im such a fat ass -_-

My Crush: I cut 4 inches of my hair yesterday Me: So? My Crush 4 Inches is alot! Me: Oh yeah?

Jeffrey Epstein white balls

What does Jeffrey tell his white teens? You want to take it orally or through anal, joke I’m not asking.

roses are red i have a confession man kills best friend after 10hrs anal sex session


What’s the difference between an asshole and a freezer?

The freezer doesn’t fart when you pull the meat out


knock knock takes out penis who is there? butthole 😎

Lovely perv

What’s the difference between anal sex and vegetables one is crule to the person getting in the other is anal sex

Natasha y
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What’s the difference between Clint Eastwood and anal sex? One will make your day and the other will make your hole weak

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what is the difference between anal and oral sex. Oral Sex makes your whole day, Anal sex makes your hole weak