do you know what the equivalent to hell is theses days 1. listening to your teacher 2. not haveing your phone/ game / tv 3. not haveing niccotine

yo mama so fat that she broke the scale when she put on foot on it

yo mama is so fat that she brought a spoon to the Superbowl and and plate and ketchup to the redzone

my cousin said being gay was such a pain in the ass and i asked him why and i said cuz you get buttfu@ckd and he said no i get made fun of and i said why cuz you get buttfucked? and he said no terd then i said wow atleast im not the one with real pains in my ass bro

why does a straight guy act gay? cause he wants to feel wanted and wants to be bffs with the hotest girls

why does an orphan go to church ? so they call someone father and be loved

i was playing warzone last night and i shot my team mate that said they were emo and when i shot him another player did and it said assist kill

why cant orphans work a McDonalds ? cause they call their employees family

man: why cant an orphan use Verizon ? kid: why? man: cause they have a family plan kid: oh then i need to switch phone services then man: why kid: im a orphan man: laughs out loud thats tuff ( you can tell the joke shortentd by saying why cant an orphan use Verizon cause they have a family plan)

why cant a orphan play football cause they cant find home or return.

what do you call an orphanage? a parent less shelter/ homeless shelter