Website Jokes

How to tell if your depressed? You came to a website called worst jokes ever . com looking for a quick smile.

So, I know that there are a lot of egg YOLKS on this website, and I guess I got BEAT to it, but I'm EGGcited to say EGGsactly what the eggs say. I know I;m bad at this but I hope you will crack up anywat

I said to Google How do i kill someone then i got in the front before you click it it says if you want to kill someone we are the right guys.How the f this get in google

Ok there has to be SOMEONE on this website right now, whoever that is wanna chat? (im just bored)

It funny how you feel so alone with depression and yet once you tell people on some random website so may people relate unfortunately it doesn't stop the loneliness

Uh six teachers are annoying. Thank god I am not getting picked on at school or on this website.